Mallory McCreary

Once upon a time IQ tests were created to measure intelligence. Since then, debate has raged over their validity. So yes, some of the tests on the following sites may be biased toward certain races, nationalities, gender, or socio-economic groups. Most are skewed to favor English-speakers. Some questions may be ambiguous; sometimes several answers seem equally plausible. What's a test taker to do? HAVE FUN-- see what a bunch of psychometricians, stuffy think tanks, and bored college kids say about you, and then believe what you always knew to be true.

There are no right answers for this free IQ test-- instead your answers are compared to the answers of people at different levels of intelligence. As a result there are several "correct" answers to each question, depending on your interpretation. So don't think too hard-- the first answer that pops into your head is the best measure of your thought process. Plus, the less time it takes you to complete the test, the higher your score. Clock the time it takes you to answer 38 questions (you have 13 minutes total) and you'll receive a score upon completion. Go to the FAQ to see what your score means, or order a comprehensive report for $9.95 that outlines your ability in the thirteen competencies measured: visual apprehension, spatial, arithmetic, logical, general knowledge, spelling, rote utilization, intuition, short term memory, geometric, algebraic, vocabulary, and computational speed. TAKE THE PRACTICE TEST FIRST-- it helps your brain get in the proper mind set for the questions you'll be asked and also clues you in to the types of questions asked and the scoring methodology.

Once you've practiced on the IQ tests above and are feeling intellectually indomitable, surf on over to the world's most venerable institution of brain power-- Mensa. Thirty questions in thirty minutes consist of math, logic, linguistic skills, and pattern recognition, among other things (all multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank). A good score won't qualify you for Mensa membership, but you can find out how to sit for the actual admittance exam. Hint: take a deep breath, be patient, and don't be discouraged by the math. (Many of the answers are simpler to arrive at than it first appears).


Think IQ tests don't measure the full scope of your ability? Others agree-- see the site reviews for EQ and multiple intelligences here. home