hannabnana goes to asia


1993 Trip

Russia '93

Mongolia '93

China '93

Hong Kong '93

Vietnam '93

Cambodia '93

Thailand '93

Nepal '93



This adventure started on a late spring day, 1993, when Annemette whom I sat next to at work – informed me that she had decided to travel to Asia in the fall. I almost panicked - thinking of all those “nerds” I had to deal with - in her rotations - on my work nights. Then she said those magic words “Why don’t you come along?” – Well … yes why not? All I had to do was collect a huge amount of money – take a lot of x-tra shifts & then get the time of when I needed it. Not so bad – I only worked evening shifts every other 3rd evening – so where was the problem???

So I did - worked & worked & worked some more - we booked visas – tickets – got vaccinated & planned the trip –(Copenhagen – Trans-Siberian railroad – Mongolia – China – Vietnam – Laos (maybe) – Bangkok & Nepal) – filled our backpacks with 2nd. hand clothes & October the 9th we met at the central station – family & friends came to say goodbye. I didn’t have a clue what I was heading into – it was my first non-organized trip out in the big wide world. Goodbye everybody - see you in December.


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