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Laos Nov.27 - Dec.14, 1995


After a tear dropping goodbye to Perry! Kate - David Annemette & I left for the airport. Had to pay 20$ in airport tax: Goodbye Cambodia! The trip to Vientiane took 1 hour & there was NO hazel outside. Found a cab to that hotel Andy & Chris had recommended - but they were fully booked so they showed us to another nearby hotel & this is great. Syri guesthouse is its name - we got a double room for 20$ - with the hardest madras' on earth. Its build in a funny colony style with stairways & balconies & hallway wide space everywhere.
(The owner lived in the USA for 19 years & return at least once a year.)
Annemette - David & I went out to find something to eat - in a nearby restaurant we ate some veggies boiled in water heater on the table. Well at least it was interesting!


After receiving a map over Vientiane - we went sightseeing - had breakfast in the Scandinavian Bakery - owned by a Swedish guy named Sune Wissmar. REAL milk - I were in heaven. Then we went to the GPO & checked out letters - started our first walk around the town. This town is pure charm! It's a big city but it seems not to know that - so it behaves like a village. Old colony houses - wide clean boulevards - grass - trees - flowers & there are NO beggars. The sky was blue & the sun was shinning.
Annemette & I found a tailor who accepted to turn our sarongs into fashion.


We again ate breakfast Sunes bakery - went up & mailed some letters - walked up to the Vientiane Monument (Anousavari) which looks like a triumph arch - from the top we could see most of Vientiane. We'd seen monasteries & remembered to turn the foot soles away from Buddha while kneeling in front of him - Met Kate on the way back & spend most of the afternoon sitting on the big balcony enjoying life & chat.


We wanted to take a bus up to Vang Vieng today & then another up to Luang Prabang - but the hotel owner freaked out & told us to talk to a "Kiwi" (New Zealander) who stayed at the guesthouse but live up in Vang Vieng. The kiwi told us those busses up to Luang Prabang drives up in convoys - because they often get attacked by rebels - & he thought we should fly up instead. (there's only one road between Vientiane & Luang Prabang & no railroads). So we walked out to buy some air tickets. It took a while.
Ended the day by drinking a lot of beer & playing a super crazy card game named Billionaire with part of the Kiwi family & another crazy Aussie. (I can't recall his name).


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