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Oct.11, 1995

We finally left Kastrup airport with a 2 hour & 25 min. delay - they gave us food coupons worth 124,- kroner each & we spend them on :pizza - chocolate - wine - cakes & fruit salads.
Finally we took off - Destination Frankfurt - there another chaos waited because of the fog our flight had left - but they found us another - & this is where we are now - heading EAST.
Not much to do other than eating - sitting - eating & watching movies!!! What a life!


I slept most of the time.
Landed in the incredible heat of Bangkok 34 degree Celsius (90 degree Fahrenheit) The airport is HUGE we ran through it - 'cause all of a sudden we were short of time. Found Vietnam air & sat down - crossed our fingers for our backpacks also made it.
Now we 're airborne again - next destination HANOI - we read in Vietnam Daily that mid Vietnam is flooded - we'll see.
Annemette's backpack was missing - signed a lot of papers in this old-fashioned airport of Hanoi - got our stamps in the passports - a Vietnamese ground host gave Annemette a toilet bag - so she at least had a toothbrush (it's not super good but will last a few days)
Outside we met Geert from Belgium - & we shared a taxi in to Hanoi with him. At Queens cafe (our 2nd home ) there were no rooms for us that day but they found 2 rooms in a nearby hotel. This is where we are now.


Annemette woke up - after waken me up she fell asleep again - I went out & turned the hot water heater on - after showers we walked over to Queens - & got a room - we'll use it as a base until the backpack has been located.
We met Geert & went out into Hanoi - to show him (Geert) what we found interesting - We walked around north of the Latin Quarter - it's really a nice part of town. We got lost at a point & ended in a moped bike repair area - BUT thanks to Lonely Planet (book) we found our way back to civilization again.
Had a beer in TINTIN pub & walked home to Hang Bac 65 & met Andreas from Switzerland - we all walked down to the lake & ate an ice-cream in Heineken bar. It was so nice to be back & feel the warm wind - see the lights of Hanoi & smell the whole city.

Oct 14.

Slept late - met Geert - had breakfast in a street kitchen (noodle soup) - walk some more around - took photos of AIDS warning posters - went into a temple - met 2 t-shirt selling girls .One of them wanted to swap 2 baby t-shirts for my sunglasses - Okay!
Later we met up with Andreas & we all went out to see tourist attraction no.1 in Hanoi - The famous: WATER PUPPETS
It was a lot of splashing - very noisy & funny!

The Backpack is still out there on it's own. Well at least Annemette fit into my clothes!


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